Here I have collected a few of my favorite things that make the journey of living well a little bit sweeter.  Enjoy!

Books:  Here is a small selection of books by Thich Nhat Hanh.  He is a monk that has a very simple, concise method of explaining how to calm your mind and control your emotions. Also an affirmation calendar by Louise Hay:

Yoga Products:  One of the tenets of yoga is that it is an inward journey. It is helpful to have some props and equipment to help you along the way.  Even if yoga is not for you, they are wonderful for at home relaxation, stretching, and self care. A heating pad is included for such things.

Food is Medicine:  This fundamental understanding will immediately improve your lifestyle.  A couple of tools I like to use to making cooking fun and healthy are below.  There is also a book on the dietetic theories of Chinese Medicine.