Oriental Medicine offers a variety of modalities to help you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Acupuncture is just the tip of the iceberg. Our herbal pharmacopeia is vast with an array of customizable formulas to accommodate each condition and constitution.  Several manual therapies including tuina and shiatsu, as well as, gua sha, cupping, and yin tuina are all aimed at achieving a more accurate diagnosis and complete therapeutic outcome. 

INtroductory Treatment

Acupuncture typically begins with an in-depth intake (see below).  To get first timers off of the fence I offer an one-time introductory treatment at a discount to test the waters.  This includes a brief discussion of your primary health goal, a diagnostic tuina massage, acupuncture treatment, and Q&A session about how Chinese medicine could benefit you. No excuses, feel better today.

initial Treatment

During the initial treatment there will be an extended intake that will allow me to gather a detailed picture of your whole health history.  In Oriental Medicine, each trait, symptom, historical health issues, and often seemingly irrelevant characteristic is analyzed to form a diagnostic pattern.  Pattern symptomology can morph as they become long standing, therefore it is important to be thorough in investigating your health history to ensure that we get to the root of your problem.

Typical Treatment

At this point we have gotten to know each other a little bit and the intake becomes a check in on how you have improved or how your goals have shifted. This allows for more time being treated. It is ideal that you wear loose fitting clothes so that your pant leg may be raised above the knee.  Some clinical massage may be applied to pinpoint trouble areas, as well as cupping or other modalities.  The needles will then be inserted and retained for 20 - 30 minutes.  Most patients meditate or catch a quick nap during this time.  I will always be available during the treatment if there is need.


Herbs are an integral part of oriental medicine.  If there is a formula that may be beneficial to you it will be offered and explained.  These formulas are cost effective with minimal side effects, however it is important that you have disclosed all pharmaceuticals and supplements you may be taking.

Post Treatment

Frequently patients may feel slightly out of it after an acupuncture treatment.  It is important to allow yourself to "wake up" and come back to reality.  Feel free to have a cup of tea and relax in the lounge before rushing off if necessary.  Typically, patients feel wonderful and sleep well that evening.  Soreness or other mild discomfort can be attributed to activating long standing issues and the beginning of recovery.